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Keith's Sunday Night Heat Review Thread


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Aug 6, 2010
The show which basically was a teaser for things to come on Monday Nights and a PPV preview show started debuted on August 2nd, 1998.

Vince opens up the first broadcast by announcing that his son Shane will be doing play-by-play alongside JR and the King. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the first time we've seen Shane on TV since he was a ref in the early 90's? Shane comes out with two hotties. Sadly as soon as he opens his mouth he's just terrible!:frown: He not only sounds clueless but just rambles on about nothing of importance most of the time. His attempts to sound cool and hip die a death too. Including referring to Lawler as "King Fish":oops: Can't believe Vince thought Shane was ready to be on TV full time based on this. Then again he is his son, so you know...:hmm:

Edge VS. Double J (W/Tennessee Lee)
These two always had decent chemistry and this is a nice crisp opener. It could never match their Fully Loaded IC Title match. But its a solid watch anywhere. The highlights being Jarrett's reverse Russian legsweep, Edge's reverse of Jarrett's top rope cross body, and Edge's triple suplex with the final part switched into a face buster. The main story to the match is that Jarrett and Lee are starting to fall out with Jeff starting to think of a change in direction. The dated Lee does suck the life out of Jeff and the match. Lee misses his cue to grab Edge's leg on a suplex attempt from out side in. Then a moment later he grabs Jarrett's leg instead of Edge's as the heel comes off the ropes. Edge gets the quick pin. **1/2

Pacific Blue cast members Mario Lopez and Amy Hunter are shown enjoying the action at ringside. Pacific Blue just happens to be on after Heat. So guess what that's not the last we'll be seeing of them:D

DX cuts a typical in-ring promo with The King. The highlight is probably Triple H referring to Lawler as "a old man dressed as Liberace":lmao They hype the HHH/X-Pac match on Raw. Pac says they will go out there and do a Professional job. Trips adds that Vince is just trying to divide DX because he doesn't like their counter culture style. Then per request a plant takes off her top at ringside. For some reason Vince's son cheers this?:rolleyes:

We get a Droz World segment. WTF?:lmao Droz tells a story of how he was once sick on Mark Henry:eek: Wow, just wow... Next time on Droz World Darren talks about his ass Tattoo:mark:

The Headbangers and Darren Drozdov VS. Kaientai (W/ Mr. Yamaguchi-San:lmao)
They replay the Raw segment with Val Venis in the shower with Mrs. Yamaguchi-San:D And that Meat chopping segment:lmao Val comes to the ring with Mrs. Yamaguchi-San in toe in a hot red number:mark: They flirt at the top of ramp throughout the match. The match itself is meh outside of some nice Kaientai double teams and fine Dick Togo running leg drop:cool: Droz gets the win with a sit out powerbomb. Post match Val flirts with Amy Hunter. Mario gets pissed and has a pull apart with Val. Do they ever follow this up? **

They replay the Sable-Jackie Bikini contest from Fully Loaded. We also see the Raw clip when Vince DQ's Sable because of course kids hand prints are not proper Bikini wear:lmao Vince asserts his power only for Sable to flip him off and show off a very revealing Bikini.

European Title Match - D-Lo Brown (W/Mark Henry) (C) VS. Ken Shamrock
Another rushed job. JR does a nice job of selling Brown's chest protector. There's some decent wrestling, but it quickly breaks down into a brawl, including Mark Henry, Steve Blackman and Dan Severn. Ken Snaps not for the first time:mark: *1/2

Bart Gunn hypes up the Brawl for All with another bland Pacific Blue cast member.

Tag Title Number one Contenders Main Event - Kane and Mankind (W/Paul Bearer) VS. The Rock and Owen Hart
Owen gets some insane crowd heat in this one, with the nugget chants:mark: Its proper big name main event. The Rock hits his sweet float over DDT on Kane for a near fall. The Big Red Machine spills out of the ring (landing on his feet) and comes back with a hot clothesline from the top on the "Great One". Following the commercial break the Cooperation have isolated Mankind. Owen and Mankind both do some great selling here. Mankind hits the double arm DDT and makes the tag. Kane dominates Hart with the big foot off the rope. His attempted chokeslam is blocked as Owen cuts him off at the knees. A kick to the back of the neck, plus a missile drop kick from the top gets a two. Kane recovers to hit the chokeslam at the second time of asking. The Rock saves his partner before Kane can hit the tombstone. This leads to a full on brawl between the four guys on the outside. Owen like the sneaky heel he is sneaks back in just before the ten count:dancing: This count out win sets up The Rock and Owen VS. Taker and Stone Cold for the tag titles on Raw. ***

In an interview Austin says people shouldn't read too much him offering the deadman a cold one on raw. He also has a few choice words for that jackass Michael Cole:lmao



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Aug 6, 2010
Sunday Night Heat 9/08/98

Motormouth McMahon is the host now or so it seems. "Kaboom!" he yeps when Kane's fire hits. Mankind opens the show recapping the events of the HITC match at King of the Ring. Mankind says he is done trying to please the fans and challenges Taker to a match later in the show. Its a very good promo from Foley.

Vader VS. Mark Henry
A pretty one sided big man match. Vader's decline goes on. He looks awkward when landing following a Henry press slam:mark: A Vader comeback with stiff shots busts Henry open from the mouth. This seems a wake up call for the "The World's Strongest Man". He reverses Vader into the steps. Back inside he hits a hard clothesline and four big splashes. In a dumb finish the ref DQ's Henry for refusing to pin Vader?o_O Even if the call was that Vader couldn't carry on, the match still would have gone to Henry by four forfeit. WHO BOOKED THIS SHIT?!:lmao *1/2

The Headbangers (W/Droz) VS. Southern Justice (W/Tennessee Lee and Double J)
Tame brawl with zero crowd heat. Match goes to a double DQ when Droz and Jarrett brawl into the ring. *

Taka Michinouku (W/Mr. Yamaguchi-San) VS. X-Pac
Why couldn't this have been the main event and given a few extra minutes? I mean its Heat:oops: Pac comes out without DX leading JR to speculate that the group have fallen out following heat between Pac and Chyna the previous week on Raw. Pac's bowing gesture to Taka at the start was dodgy even in 98:hmm: The highlights are Taka hitting a top rope missile drop kick, but then missing with a top rope splash. Pac catching Taka off the ropes and planting him into the mat, followed by round house kick. He then hist a bronco buster for a big pop and a face buster for the win. Post-match DX squash Kaientai. Of course the Japanese heels are made to look like clowns:eek: **

And check out this kick ass Taka video and theme!:mark:
Micheal Cole has been giving us updates (if you can call them that) on Undertakers status and if he will accept Mankind's challenge. We see a video of Cole being allowed into Taker's dressing room only to be thrown out when he spots the camera (well he is broadcaster Taker?:confused:). Cole claims to have seen someone else in the locker room?

Bradshaw VS. Dustin Runnels
So this is when WWF were first trying to build Bradshaw up as the big monster/bully heel. Runnels was doing his Born Again Christian angle (which would in the end lead to him returning as Golddust), which I'm pretty sure was Russo just sticking it to Religious people (how times change:D). There's some half decent 1980's style brawling. Bradshaw wins a quick match with a clothesline from Hell. *1/2

This week on Droz's World old Darren talks some rubbish about expressing himself through his body and Tattoos, and someone throws up again, for some reason?..:lmao

Droz VS. Double J
Droz looks very sloppy with moves such as a sidewalk slam, a reverse flying elbow, and a body slam for which he gets a two count A Southern Justice distraction turns things around for Jarrett who scores a two from a cross body block from the top. He follows that up with a DDT, a side Russian Leg sweep, and a surplex into a float over for a near fall. Droz fights out of a Jarrett sleeper, but misses a splash in the corner. The Headbangers come out to even up the sides. In all the confusion Tennessee Lee's boot ends up in the ring and Droz uses it to steal the pin on Jarrett. Post match Double J and Lee finally have their parting of the ways with Southern Justice actually taking Jarrett's side in beating down Lee. **

The show closes with Mankind calling out Undertaker. The announcers try to convince us than a match is going down. In a twist Kane destroys his partner. In another twist Kane unmasks to reveal THE UNDERTAKER!!:mark: This just adding fuel to the belief that Taker and Kane are in cahoots:p More next week.:thumbs:
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Aug 6, 2010
Sunday Night Heat 16/08/98

We open with a recap of last week's raw including Kane and Mankind winning the tag belts.

Tag Title Match Kane and Mankind (c) (W/Paul Bearer) VS. LOD 2000 (Droz fills in for Hawk)
More tension between the new champs. Droz replaces Hawk because in the storyline Hawk was having drinking issues. For some reason LOD are not DQ'd when Animal slams Mankind on a chair. Kane wins the match with a tombstone on Animal. *1/2

Jacqueline is pissed at Sable after she cost her a match with Luna on Raw and gave Luna her Bikini Contest trophy:lmao. Jacqueline wants the trophy back and challenges Sable to an arm wrestling match. Sable accepts, but not before suggesting Jackie is a whore... Sable suggested that to someone else?:eek:

Edge VS. Brian Christopher (W/Scott Taylor)
Edge keeps his unbeaten streak going in easily the match of the night. Edge hits a belly to back surplex before clotheslining Christopher to the floor. The Canadian superstar misses a sliding drop kick on Too Much. On his way back in Taylor grabs Edge's ankle. This leads to Christopher hitting a sunset power bomb on the floor. This gets some good crowd heat. Back inside Too Sexy hits a bulldog off the top. And the heels hug for some more heat:mark: Edge turns the table catching Christopher in mid-air turning it into a slam. He then hits a spear (not bad, but not quite as good as it will look later). Christopher then reverses Edge into a sharp full nelson slam. The end comes when Christopher misses his top rope leg drop. Edge hits a rough looking downward spiral for the pin. ***

Bart Gunn VS. Vader
Not much to say about this one. Gunn kicks out of Vader's big splash. Vader does some mat wrestling. The match is to further hype the hopeless Brawl for All tournament. The Godfather sitting at the broadcast table attacks Gunn for the DQ finish. *

Gangrel VS. Scott Taylor
This Gangrel's in-ring debut. The match itself is nothing much to speak of, but of course love his entrance:p Grel wearing Blood throughout the match is a nice touch. The new guy wins with his jumping DDT. *1/2

In his latest "High low will Americans go?" segment Tiger Ali Singh pays a plant $500 bucks to eat a worm. So I take it the boss took a day off being Russo's filter when that idea got the green light?8D

DX (Triple H & X-Pac) (W/Chyna) VS. Southern Justice
X-Pac is once again the star of the match. Trips doesn't look too bad either. Again its another rush job, Justice don't offer much. Another DQ finish comes when Double J blindsides Pac, almost cutting his locks. This finish is to hype the Jarrett VS. Pac Hair VS. Hair match at Summerslam. **

Undertaker ends the show by hyping up his Summerslam main event with Stone Cold. Taker offers no new hints on if he and Kane are in cahoots. Austin comes out to confront the Deadman. Kane then comes out. The shows closes with the Brothers of Destruction either side of Austin....