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ITT: We use Gene Snitky's "It wasn't my fault!" in every day situation

Discussion in 'Wrestling Games' started by Citan, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

    Gene and his family are watching TV. Suddendly, a power outage occurs.

    Snitsky: It wasn't my fault!
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  2. Champagne Charlie

    Champagne Charlie Emotionless

    Gene is cooking his family dinner and it burns while he is out the room.

    Snitky: It wasn't my fault!
  3. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

    A subway passenger tries to get in the train, but Gene Snitsky is blocking the entrance to the door. The doors close and the train is leaving

    Gene: It wasn't my fault!
  4. Swamps

    Swamps Puddin' Bear Smash!

    Gene is running a bath, and leaves the room to answer the doorbell. Upon returning he discovers that the floor is now covered with water.

    Gene: It wasn't my fault!
  5. Citan

    Citan Shy Guy Says know your damn role

    Gene's friend is participating on an episode of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?". He struggles with a question and calls Gene for help. The latter gives him the wrong answer, and the friend loses.

    "That wasn't my fault!"

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