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104 Minute-Long Match & More; Rockstar Results

Discussion in 'Independent Wrestling' started by natestein, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. natestein

    natestein Member

    104 Minute-Long Match & More; Rockstar Results

    This past Saturday in Dayton, Rockstar Pro brought "November Coming Fire" (available now on DIYwrestling.com), which featured a one-hour and 44 minute match between Dave Crist and David Starr.

    Quick Results:
    - Rockstar Pro Tag champions Baddest Killers Alice (Jake Crist and Rockstar Pro champion Aaron Williams) retained against Grits and Gravy (Bruce Grey and Jon Murray); 2-Man Militia (Matt Taylor and Dezmond Xavier); Alex Colon and "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy; Clayton "Pecs" Jackson and Kyle Kraven; and OI4K, Inc. (Dustin Rayz and Zachary Wentz)
    - CZW World Heavyweight champion "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont retained over Sid Fabulous
    - Ron Mathis defeated "The Lariat" DJ Hyde
    - "The New Age Plague" Jason Gory pinned "Man Without Fear" Kyle Maverick
    - American Luchacore Title Match: "Everyone's Homie" Pompano Joe beat Mikael, "The Pitbull" Ganger, and Tim Donst
    - American Luchacore Title Match: Ron Mathis pinned Pompano Joe
    - In a match that went 104 minutes and had the crowd excited the whole time, the longest match in modern wrestling history, Dave Crist defeated "The Product" David Starr.

    See full results at RockstarProWrestling.com.

    This Wednesday, see former ECW World Heavyweight/former Rockstar Pro champion/current NXT star Rhino vs. "The Monster from the Midwest" Kye Kraven!

    Upcoming Events (1106 E Third ST, Dayton, OH):
    - Every Wednesday - Rockstar "Amped"
    - Fri, December 4 - Rockstar "A Killer Xmas"

    Follow Rockstar online:
    Facebook.com/RockstarProWrestling - Twitter.com/RockstarProWres - YouTube.com/RockstarProWrestling - Instagram.com/RockstarProWrestling

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