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02/11 Raw Discussion Thread: Big dick Becks gotta run that fade on Vince

Discussion in 'Raw' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I know they still got a couple months but it really looks like they aren't going airy the three way after all, nice
  2. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I knew there weren't enough McMahons tonight :side:
  3. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I spoke too soon smh fuck off Vince
  4. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Charlotte just got done blowing Vince backstage smh
  5. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

    Good for The Revival. 2 years too late but good for them

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