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Dec 25, 2008
Dec 21, 2008
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Nov 29, 1985 (Age: 33)

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Well-Known Member, 33

ThePlumber702 was last seen:
Dec 25, 2008
    1. The Shield
      The Shield
      I'm alright. It's just been crazy the last few days. How are you?
    2. ThePlumber702
      Bien, sólo un poco de hambre. Parece que no puede encontrar mucho en la cocina que no sea sopa de fideos, y eso ha sido un alimento básico para sortof las últimas 3 semanas. Tengo que conseguir un trabajo, así que ya no tienen que depender de mi padres horario de la compra de alimentos Ja ja ja! XD
    3. Naitch
      Buenas días, amigo mío! Desafortunadamente estoy enfermo, pero me siento feliz de todas modas. ¿Y tú cómo estás? :D
    4. JakeYourBooty
      a Ryan Dunn memorial sig would be great
    5. The Infamous J
      The Infamous J
      I see your uploading shoots, if you have the Iron Sheik and Paul London/Brian Kendrick one I would love to finally get my hands on them.
    6. Altervers
      I see we up to 6 last time i checked for total, thats great progress about 2/3 days into apps being started!
    7. Altervers
      ill just post in the threads already made in that area, i rarely even think to check for a base thread for a certain topic. That will help with the clutter though, no need to have several post on the same topic. Ill keep a better eye out for existing threads to.
    8. Hammer
      This may sound like a ridiculous request but its driving me nuts. Can I some how con you into cleaning up the view staff area. Your an admin also listed as a mod and just about every s-mod is listed as a mod as well. GFX mod has its own section....I'm sorry it drives me crazy lol
    9. Anaconda Vice
      Anaconda Vice
      Hey dude, can you change my hometown from the one that is there (because I think that's also Naitch's!) to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks!
    10. The Viper
      The Viper
      How do I save a file on Handbrake to .avi format or one of those video formats?
    11. Altervers
      msn is all screwy, keep getting this message.... The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: any idea what may be causing it?
    12. JakeYourBooty
      D I be scared?
    13. Naitch
      You're having problems too? I thought you were no selling my offers to help you score for a minute <__<. I wonder what's up with it - our sb was much less buggy than some places up until recently. Speaking of random settings, albeit a minor one, why is it that you can't set your time and date format here? Where I'm from we're not used to am/pm, but rather the 24 hr clock... does my head in a bit to not be able to choose it lol

      I love them. Classy, real looking and prestigious, what more could you ask for? They're better than TNA and WWE's current belts combined and times twelve. I very much support it being old school, being an old school fan/booker myself. As for my day, it's been grey (no sun for weeks despite it being mid-summer), full of worries and bland I'm afraid! and yourself?
    14. Naitch
      The SB is fucked for me at the minute mate. Says it's posting message but doesn't... takes 6 minutes to load a message etc

      Webs site works at last. Looks astonishingly good
    15. Altervers
      will do, hoping on now
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    Nov 29, 1985 (Age: 33)
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